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by Rachel Galatt

Fitness Challenge Results; It Works!

We just finished our "New Year, Better You 6 Week Challenge" and we saw some amazing results! We are completely inspired by these women and the commitment they made to the program in order to achieve unbelievable results in just 6 WEEKS! These results can happen for you too if you are committed to getting healthy and fit.

Success happens with 1. Commitment 2. Effort 3. Exercise 4. Nutrition. It's a simple formula and we can guide you to the results you are looking to achieve. We develop these challenges with the understanding that you are all super busy. We video (painstakingly, but happy to do so) each exercise so you can perform them correctly and on your own time - 6 am, 10 pm whatever works with your schedule. The key is to schedule the workouts and put them in your calendar as if it were a meeting that you are obligated to be at...but the choice is certainly yours. I have heard too many people, myself included, say “I need to get in shape but I am too busy with the kids, the cooking, shopping, work”. Yes, I am sure that is all true but if you commit to it you CAN do it! Do you want to achieve results like the women who completed our New Year, Better You 6 Week Challenge? If you want change, then be the change!

Here are some success stories which have truly inspired me and I hope they do the same for you. These are real people who participated and committed to the New Year, Better You 6 Week Challenge.


Teri P. Success Story

Teri’s goal: Fit into her red (gorgeous) gown

Results in 6 weeks

  • Lost 3 inches in waist

  • Lost 2 inches in hips Here is a note she wrote us: Thanks for all your encouragement during the 6 weeks. I truly enjoy taking all your Zoom classes and look forward to continuing them. It has truly made a difference in how I look/feel and how strong I am feeling. Thank you Rachel (that’s me, I'm famous!) for your 20 min butt class. They are not easy “but” I do look forward to them and how you motivate me to do my best. Looking forward to your Friday yoga class in the a.m. and the Sip and Stretch class Friday night.

Teri looks absolutely stunning in her red gown. We are so proud that this challenge worked for her and can't wait to see her out on the town in this dress! Wowza!!!


Tara F. Success Story

Tara’s goals: less than 20% body fat

Starting Weight 151.9

Ending Weight: 145.2

Loss: 6.7 pounds (with a cheat day and a half)

Starting Body Fat: 29%

Ending Body Fat: 25.3%

Loss 3.7%

Here is what Tara wrote us:

This was done by following the challenges each week, I didn’t miss any or modify, joining FWF group classes 1-2x week, peloton 1-3x week and one of the most important things…Eating Healthy. This is just the start. I will achieve my goal of less than 20% body fat in due course by continuing these things and being consistent in my approach!

So I’m getting stronger and quicker. Loving the challenge. Thanks so much!!


Join us for our "Spring Into Spring 6 Week Challenge".

Starting March 15th

You can do as much or as little as you want but we will be there supporting you whatever you do. No judgement. No coercion (some slight prodding perhaps) but this has to be something that comes from inside of you. To really make it work means 40 min of exercise 3x per week, healthy eating 80% of the time and a positive mindset.

For only $49 you receive:

  • 3 workout routines per week with instructional videos to ensure you do the exercises correctly. You can do them during the week at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Weekly nutrition blog

  • Motivational texts and emails

  • Facebook support group

  • 1 live virtual workout per week

  • Support as needed from FWF coaches


Think about what your fitness and health goals are for 2021 and decide if this is for you. If so, let’s get started. Sign up here

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