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6 WEEk fitness 

What is your New Year's goal?  weight? fitness? strength?

We can't think of a better way to start 2022!

New workouts, active rest day ideas, and lots of positive vibes from Team Fitness with Friends! No need to make a grand resolution, but starting your year with a little bit of intention and a whole lot of sweat is a great recipe to kickstart many more goals in the coming months. 

Whether you've done one of our challenges before (welcome back!) or you're totally new (hi!), there's something here for everyone. Many of these workouts can be done with only your bodyweight, however for some of the strength workouts, it's best to have at least one set of dumbbells handy.

All of the workouts are aimed at helping you build your strength while improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Each week you’ll be tasked with three workouts: one upper-body, one lower-body, and one full-body) that use external resistance.

Ready to make this your strongest year yet? Let's do this, #TeamFitnesswithfriends!


Our Chief Coach will send you:

  1. (3) level appropriate workouts weekly

  2.  Motivation videos

  3. Nutrition and meal planning tips

  • Do the workouts on your own time; whatever day and times work best for your schedule.  Don't be a statistic and have your New Year's resolution fail before you actually get started!  We are here to make sure that you achieve success!!  We will support you and make sure that you are working towards your goals.  We had some big successes last challenge. Grab a friend or two and do the challenge together!   For men and women.

Success Stories

Collage then now (1).jpg
End of Challenge Collage (1).jpg


"We can't thank Colleen enough for working with us to get in shape in advance for our wedding. She gave us the tools you already have...your own body...and some simple need for a lot of gadgets. We can honestly say that we look forward to working with her again in the near future!


Brittany & Jonathan"

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