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The Full Story

Fitness with Friends started from a desire to help people achieve their fitness goals, while eliminating the mental dread of working out. Co-owners Colleen Brace and Rachel Galatt first began exercising together with a trainer (who cost a bicep and a quad!). When they realized they were sweating money, Colleen told Rachel she would train them. 

Colleen is fitness obsessed and a former Division 1 field hockey scholarship athlete. She coached kids for over a decade and helped them play at their best.  She soon realized how much she enjoyed helping Rachel stay in shape, missed coaching plus Rachel appreciated the extra push. The one-on-one sessions evolved into inviting friends and their kids where Colleen created energetic playlists and challenging HIIT workouts for all ages, Colleen’s sessions quickly became a HIT, and they recognized that there was a void for fun, challenging and social workouts for adults and kids.





"Fitness with Friends mission is to provide fun, action packed classes and clinics  so everyone can achieve their fitness goals,

whatever they may be!" 



To help communities become healthy, fit and happy by providing clinics and classes for all members old and young.  We can be fit together!

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