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Who will be running the camp each day?

Melissa Pelletieri, a 17 year veteran elementary school educator, RV resident and mom of 2 (yes, they will be attending the camp too!) .  She is fun, organized, responsible, nurturing and will ensure your kids have the best time possible!

What activities will they be doing daily?

From wiffleball to kickball, soccer to arts & crafts, singing (if they want to) and character building and STEAM activities.  Games of all sorts.  And Popsicles!  Can't forget the popsicles at camp!

Is lunch an option at Camp?

If your child is attending Camp Have Some Fun, you will be given the option to either bring or order food through us and they can come to Upper Grove Field at 12 or we can transition them over from Holdrum if they attend Camp Have Some Fun.  They will eat from 12-12:30.  If you choose to order food through us, we will provide you menu options each week on our website.  The food will be delivered to our camp and distributed to the kids who ordered.  

Can they bring video games or have a phone?

We do not allow video games.  They can have a phone, but will only be allowed to use it during lunch.  It will need to be packed away in their bag at all other times.  They are not allowed to use either during camp time.

Is it a nutfree environment?

We are asking that no nut foods be brought to camp. We also ask that if there is a child with severe allergies, they bring their epi pens.

How will my child be placed into a group?

After you register, we will send you a form to fill out to share all the great stuff about your child, likes, dislikes, etc. so that we can ensure we understand their needs and who they may fit best with.

What happens if it rains?

We hope the rain stays away, however, if it does rain, we will either use the community center or email by 10 a.m. to make the call on how to handle.  

How many kids will be in my childs group?

We want groups to be small enough that your child gets the attention they need.  No more than 10 kids will be placed in a group.  Exception is if a group of kids request to be grouped together.

What about bullying?

We take this very seriously and will not tolerate.  We will be a positive environment, reinforcing kind behaviors.   Our  director, Melissa,  has been an educator for over 17 years and understands kids and how to foster positive behavior.  You will hear about many conversations and games we will play with the kids that reinforces this.

Should I pack a snack and drink for my child?

While we are not designating a snack time, we will of course allow for children who are hungry and want a snack.  Please ensure it is nut free and can be easily eaten.

Also, please pack a re-usable water bottle as your kids will be active and it may be hot.  

If my child is attending Camp Have Some Fun and is at Holdrum for the day, who will bring them over to Upper Grove Field.

Our camp director and/or assistant director will be directly responsible for ensuring your child is taken from Holdrum to Upper Grove and is properly situated for lunch.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

To drop off and pick up, please use parking lot across from Town Hall.  However, on Thursdays, there is a town farmers market, please use the library parking lot for pick up. 

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