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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Running is an activity that takes practice and an understanding of how to correctly do. It takes time to build up endurance and really enjoy the benefits. I have so many friends who put on their sneakers, put in their ear pods and hit the pavement running, literally.. and they find it such a release of tension and is their alone time! But for others, who may not run often out of lack of knowledge or fear of passing out after one block, there are options to get your bun off the couch and work to run a 5k! You might be thinking of signing up for a 5k or a half marathon and don't know how to train. A great way of training and preparing for the event is to do so with a group. Oh yes... while some people like to run alone, there are many benefits of running with a group, especially for beginners. These include;

  1. It helps you stay motivated Running with a group can help you stay motivated and focus on running. The people in the group have similar interests and understand what each other are going through when running. Many runners find that long runs go by a lot quicker and easier when they socialise with friends while they run.

  2. It can improve your running performance Running with a group is also a great way to learn tips around technique or pacing which in turn helps you becoming a better runner. In addition, when you run with others who are competitive and encourage you to run a little harder and a little longer than you thought you could run, you will experience increased running performance.

  3. You need to show up – accountability. Being part of a running club that meets once or twice a week for group runs helps provide accountability. You are less likely to skip a training session as there are people expecting you to turn up.

  4. It’s social! Running groups can have a great social side which is very important during training. You will meet new friends, often for life, who are likeminded people who like to run and talk about running times, races and PBs! Some don’t like to talk about it so much! Either way it’s a great social activity and many groups undertake events, like Tenafly 5K together and celebrate as group after too.

  5. Safety. Running in a group provides great safety and if someone gets injured or feels sick there is someone there to help, this is especially helpful on long runs. This is a major plus and is very important especially for beginners.

Start your journey off learning correctly and safely. We are so excited to have the Couch to 5K program for River Vale and surrounding residents. Starting Wednesday, March 29 at 6:15pm at Westvale Park with Coach Jamik. Jamik has run numerous marathons, half marathons and 5k's in addition to being a former Semi Professional Football player and Military. He will get you ready to run while having fun!

The River Vale Spring Fling 5K takes place on May 21st, 2023. You will be registered as a group when you sign up for the Fitness with Friends Couch to 5K program and also receive a team Fitness with Friends tee shirt! Check out this family fun 5K organized in partnership with River Vale, Fitness with Friends and Run 4 Love.

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