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Finding Your "What" and "Why" in Life and Fitness

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Hi, I’m Colleen! It’s amazing to be able to share my story with you. The path which helped me and my business partner/bestie Rachel launch Fitness With Friends appeared unexpectedly. Last year, I left my 20+ year career as a sports and technology executive to spend more time with my family, which includes my husband of 16 years, 9-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. What was meant to be a six month hiatus to be more present for my family revealed an interest I never anticipated. 

My past world of emails and problem solving transformed into what do “I” want to do today. I am a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast who, in recent years, couldn’t find the time to dedicate to a good workout routine. Or, I would get into a groove and then detour for a few months due to lack of motivation. With the ability to reset my mentality and have fitness feel less like a chore, I grew this new passion.

At first, I pulled Rachel into my workout routines because it’s always more fun to exercise with a friend. Our friends started to take notice, which led to me running and setting up workouts in a group setting -- my backyard, friends’ homes -- anywhere and anytime we could get together. There were lots of shifting of schedules and locations but we always made it happen. Why? Because it was more fun to work out together! Chatting, catching up and having lady time was also a bonus. The demand became high for people who wanted to feel good, have fun and get fit with their friends. We have learned a lot in a short time and I realize I have never been so motivated and inspired, or had as much fun. Alas, Fitness with Friends was born, and now we want to spread the word and share our baby with the world. 

Lessons Learned:

1. It’s ok to put YOU first!

2. Everyone (you, your family, friends) is happier when you feel good!

3. Feeling good and being strong is not about weight!

4. It takes a village!

Is Fitness With Friends for You?

Do you hate going to a gym but want to get fit? Are you unsure as to where to start with your fitness journey? Have the last six months left you tired of your routine, lack of motivation and overall longing to feel better? If you answered yes, then Fitness with Friends can help you. We offer real-time Zoom classes, options for personal training sessions and the all-important accountability coaching with personal on your own workouts and feedback to help keep you motivated and on track. It definitely takes a village, and people who work out together and support each other tend to see the most success. 

Look out for additional blogs which will focus on fitness, fun workouts, lifestyle trends, some of my favorite products, and sharing the craziness of life as a mom in these unprecedented times. 

Yours in health and fitness,




Chief Fitness Officer

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