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8 Ways To Make Time For Exercise With A Hectic Schedule

By Rachel Galatt. Co-Owner, Chief Buzz Coach and Fit Coach Extraordinaire

Over the last few months as I have been working to build Fitness with Friends and help people have fun while getting fit, I realized that I was the quintessential candidate for our own service.

I knew I loved it when Colleen, AKA Chief Fitness Coach, AKA Kick Your Booty Girl, got me working out and pushed me when I couldn't push myself (OK lets be real, I didn't want to). BUT I realized lately that I pushed off the exercise task with excuses like, I am too busy watching my nails dry or, um, I need to wash my hair. I would find any excuse to not work out. Don't get me wrong, I was really busy trying to get millions of Americans to love Fitness with Friends, but everyone is busy and somehow people find the time to get fit and healthy.

Colleen for example would schedule her workout time slots for the week so she knew when she could work out and she did it. Now, she has to schedule time to eat around her work outs, but that's another story for another day. My point is, we CAN find the time we just need to want it and commit to it.

It's a struggle for me. I'm tired. I don't like early mornings. My kitchen is being renovated and my house is noisy (that's true). I have 2 kids in school and lots of activities to get them to. Blah blah blah. Yes, all true. But I truly feel I have to make time for myself as you know the old saying, you can't take care of other people if you're not well. I really do feel better and less stressed after I work out and I want to be healthy for my family. So, I started researching how to get myself in a routine and allow me the joy of working out that I so desperately want. So here are some ways that are helping me and I believe could help you too.


If you have somewhere to go, think about if you can get there "manually" (without a vehicle).

When I want coffee (and it's not 20 degrees outside), I take a walk to the Country Store which is about 1.2 miles from my house. I walk there and back with my dog and get some much needed outdoor time as well as exercise for both of us. I feel very accomplished too especially after some caffeine and get to see many neighbors who honk at me to say hi (I can't see who they are so I politely wave to cars with people I don't recognize, but it's social, no?).


I realized that I like to look good when working out.. no surprise I guess, most people do. I find that when I go to my workout wardrobe and am bored, I am less likely to be inspired to work out so every few months I infuse a few new pieces into my wardrobe and get inspired to sweat. I'm not suggesting you should buy a new wardrobe each week, but every few months a new pair of pants or a cool workout bra or top will do the trick. We have a few recommendations for you to try.

TJ Maxx- I have bought many a workout attire here and it's inexpensive and the stuff looks good. It's a great way to be able to buy multiple items and not break the bank... my husband approves. If you want something more flashy and to add a signature piece to your wardrobe try my new fave Zyia! You order online through a Zyia rep and if you don't have one email us and we will send you to our favorite Zyia Rep! Here's the link


“I make time for exercise by putting my workouts on my calendar and scheduling my day around them,” says Colleen Brace. “That way I have to get to them.” If it's in your calendar and built in to what you have scheduled, there should be no excuse (except a kitchen being demolished) that should prevent you from your "meeting".


“I run during my kids’ activities,” says Julie Behlan. “I’ll run circles around the hockey rink or do an out-and-back from the ballet studio. If they’re getting their fitness on, I should, too!”


Ok, this one used to be a real doozy for me. While I usually greet people with a special "good morning" song (maybe one day you'll get that greeting from me) it's usually after I've

had my coffee and am awake and ready.

Getting up in the a.m. just to get my kids ready for school was challenging but I found a way to get motivated. I planned two early morning classes (you should check them out on our schedules). Colleen asked "are you sure you want to do that to yourself?" I paused, but answered confidently "I think so“. With that, I love having those classes to wake up for in the morning. I pop up and do all my workouts before my kids wake up. My husband and I trade off days so he’s there in the morning in case our kids wake up early.

It’s also good because it makes me feel guilty if I ‘waste’ one of my workout days since then my husband could have worked out.


Well ain't this an easy one for me to speak about. For years, I resented paying for a gym membership when I didn't go 85% of the time I should have. When it rained, snowed, was a little too cold or hot, I just didn't want to go. Fitness with Friends provides the incredible convenience that I need in order for me to accomplish my fitness goals. Going to a friends house (pre-Covid) or popping onto a computer and joining a HIIT class without leaving the comfort of my home makes it so much easier. Check out to find some amazing sessions or book a private session with your friends for a true exercise party.


My husband and I schedule workouts together on Saturday mornings while the

kids are watching TV ( bad parent?). It's fun to workout together and even better when he's sore and can't move and you can make fun of them (did I just write that?).


Think of working out as something enjoyable. Don't think of it as something you have to do, but instead as something you want to do. This has worked for me over the past year.

So there you have it. If you want it, go for it! Don't complain how you haven't worked out (unless you are injured of course) and you feel out of shape. Think about the above ways you can incorporate a workout, a walk, anything that gets you moving into your routine. I did it and you can too!

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