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Getting Fit While Getting Ready For Bed

Quick Workouts that Work
Rachel Galatt

So... I helped Colleen start this amazing fitness business to help people get in shape, feel good, lose weight and well, just have fun together. The truth is, Colleen is the person passionate about fitness. Don't get me wrong, I like to look good, but really don't have the desire to put that much effort into it... is that so wrong? I love that she loves fitness and I am here to help bring Fitness with Friends to life and share it with with the world. Colleen is my motivator and ass kicker and I truly appreciate it. But, I too have something to share with the masses. something that I have been practicing since college with incredible success that I want to share with everyone.. but you guessed it, with minimal effort.

There are other simple ways that you can stay fit, tighten those muscles and feel that when you go to bed, you have actually done something to help yourself even if you couldn't make it to a class or onto the treadmill that day. I have been practicing this since college, although have gotten a little lax of late which I blame on being sore from Colleen's workouts. Ok, lame excuse, I tried!

So.. Firstly, find anything you do during the day that enables you to exercise.. for me, it's when I'm brushing my teeth in the a.m. and p.m. While brushing (I love multi-tasking) I do side leg lifts and back leg lifts to workout my butt. I do 20 in each position on each leg and really try to push hard when I'm lifting...I have a tendency to have a flat ass which was definitely an inherited trait that I will fight till my last breath! I do this every day. It actually makes me brush my teeth longer (I make the dentist happy which is an added benefit).

Secondly, at night, right before I am getting in to bed I do 15 to 20 push ups. Sometimes regular and sometimes the easier version, with my knees on the ground (Colleen's screeching right now).. depends on my mood... but I do them, every night! For an old gal, my arms look pretty good! This is why.

Lastly, and this is where I've been most lax, I do jumps. I know, people think I'm crazy, but it is a simple thing to do at night and makes me feel good before bed.. my husband always says " there she goes again, doing her jumps!". It's kind of a running joke in the house.

I stand by a door way and jump up to touch the top of the door, then land and touch the floor and then jump all the way back up again. I do about 10-15 of these as well. It's cardio but also works your legs and stomach muscles.

This whole regimen takes less than 10 minutes and I feel good going to bed. Not sweaty, but accomplished.

Doing this quick workout each night and taking Fitness with Friends classes 2-3 times per week has kept me in shape while we have been relegated to our homes. Maybe you can do the leg lifts while washing dishes or cooking? Your family may laugh, but you'll get the last laugh when you put on your bathing suit and look good and feel good!!!

Make sure to visit classes

to get the class schedule or if you have a group of friends who want a private class together, you can buy a friends rule class and have some good ole fun with your pals. Just do something in the day to get your heart pumping and muscles moving and it's all good!

Peace out.

Rachel Galatt

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